What should I consider when buying a summer baby sleeping bag?

What should I consider when buying a summer baby sleeping bag?

While adults know what a challenge it can be to get a good night's sleep on those hot summer nights, babies and small children also experience the same difficulty. This should not be forgotten, as sleep is especially important for babies and their mental and physical development.

In this blog article, we will explain what points parents should take into account when buying a summer baby sleeping bag. We'll also get to the bottom of the question, "What should be worn beneath a summer baby sleeping bag?"

What should I do so that my baby can also sleep well in summer?

Many parents and expectant parents go by the onion method: The baby is dressed in several layers of clothes, depending on how warm or cold the room is. This has the advantage that one layer can be quickly removed, so that the baby does not get too warm.

Parents often mistakenly assume that their children should wear thicker or warmer clothes to bed than is actually appropriate. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous, especially in summer. A baby only needs one extra layer to be properly dressed on the first night after birth.

In summer, you should never dress a baby too warm. Though you might not think so, babies do in fact move quite a bit at night, as well, as they use this time to refine their motor skills and process the experiences of the day in their dreams. If they kick around a lot, their body temperature will eventually rise and they may even start to sweat. If they get too hot and sweat too much, they can wake up at night and start to cry

On very hot nights, a nappy and a short-sleeved body can be sufficient to help the baby sleep without any problems. However, there is another way to dress your baby optimally at night: On warm summer nights, the summer baby sleeping bag has proven to be the perfect alternative.

Baby sleeping bags come in all kinds of different shapes and colours. Meanwhile, there are even special baby sleeping bags for summer and winter. These differ not only in the thickness of the materials from which they're made, but also in the look, because a summer baby sleeping bag is sleeveless, while a winter baby sleeping bag does have sleeves.

What are the advantages of a summer baby sleeping bag?

Baby sleeping bags have many advantages and can help your child sleep safely all night long. Since babies move around more at night, as mentioned above, they may find that they kick their blanket off at some point.

This is certainly nothing to worry about in a warm room, but on colder nights there is a risk that the baby could become cold and even fall ill. In addition, your baby could pull their blanket over their head, which makes it more difficult for them to breathe. 

In summer, there is another problem: overheating. If babies are overdressed, they can easily overheat. Unlike hypothermia, overheating does not always wake a baby, so parents don't even notice it at first. Overheating can cause dizziness and fever, so pay attention to the signals your baby gives you.

A summer baby sleeping bag should always be made of breathable materials to prevent heat build-up. Furthermore, a summer baby sleeping bag cannot slip off at night, which is why it cannot ride over the baby's face or be kicked off.

Baby sleeping bags can even help toddlers to stay in a safe supine position, that is, lying on their back. If your baby turns over on their stomach at night, their face may sink too far into the mattress, meaning your baby can't breathe. 

Older babies already have the strength necessary to support themselves and turn their head. Babies who are only a few months old may not yet be able to do this and often can't roll back on their backs on their own accord.

How can I find out if my baby is too warm?

To determine if your baby is too hot or sweaty, you can do the neck test. To do this, simply place your fingers on the baby's neck or on the area between their shoulder blades. This will tell you if your baby is dressed too warm. If the neck or back feels damp and hot, simply remove a layer of clothing. Ideally, a baby's neck should be comfortably warm, but not wet.

A baby's limbs do not provide enough information to judge how warm or cold a baby is. Babies are not yet able to regulate their temperature well enough on their own, so their hands and feet may get cold quickly, but this is no cause for worry or concern.

How to choose the right summer baby sleeping bag size?

It's safe for babies to outgrow their baby sleeping bag, but should never grow into one. If the summer baby sleeping bag is too big for your baby, their head can slip inside the sleeping bag. If that happens, they can easily overheat with potentially dangerous consequences. 

To find the right baby summer sleeping bag size for your baby, you must first measure your baby's size. The sizes we use indicate up to which length you can use a sleeping bag. A 70 cm sleeping bag is suitable for a baby between 50 and 70 cm. The next size, 90 cm, is the right size for babies between 70 and 90 cm. A 110 cm. sleeping bag is suitable for babies who are 90 to 110 cm. We choose 20 cm intervals between babies sleeping bags in order to ensure that your baby has enough room to grow, but not too much. 

The neckline should also be adjusted to your baby's size. As a rule of thumb, about one finger should fit between the sleeping bag and the baby. Most sleeping bags therefore have buttons at the neckline and can be optimally adjusted.

Baby sleeping bag summer: what to wear underneath?

After you have bought a sleeping bag, you will surely ask yourself: What should my baby wear beneath their summer baby sleeping bag? In the summer months, a simple body or even just the diaper are recommended. 

On cold nights, you can put a long-sleeved pyjama on your baby beneath the summer sleeping bag, or in the case of small children, you can also use a baby blanket.

What material should the summer baby sleeping bag be made of?

The material is very important for a summer baby sleeping bag so that the child does not overheat or sweat excessively at night. Ideally, the material should be breathable and able to absorb moisture. If the material cannot regulate the temperature sufficiently, you run the risk of heat build-up.

The best material is a summer baby sleeping bag made from pure, organic. Pure organic cotton is hypoallergenic, circulates air and moisture and is also free of harmful substances. This means that even mould and mites have no chance of multiplying in the sleeping bag.

Can a summer baby sleeping bag help my baby sleep through the night?

A sleeping bag has been proven to give your baby a sense of security and safety. Not only does it help your baby fall asleep faster, it also helps them sleep through the night. They won't wake up at night due to overheating or excessive sweating, thanks to the cotton's breathability and moisture-regulating properties.

The temperature in the bedroom should be kept at a pleasant 16 to 18 degrees, even in summer. Furthermore, the bedroom should be aired out frequently during the day, when the baby is in another room. This can also help to prevent the development of mould.

Another trick to help your baby fall asleep is to create an evening routine, so your baby learns to associate sleep with a particular time in the evening. This will make it easier for your baby to fall asleep in the evening. It also helps them develop a regular day-night rhythm more quickly.

For slightly older children, the evening routine works just as well as for babies. They should spend the day playing, going outside or watching educational films. In the evening they should brush their teeth after dinner and go to bed with a bedtime story.

This routine should be repeated as regularly as possible. Your child will quickly get used to it and it will be easier for them to fall asleep and sleep through the night.