Comfort: baby sleeps better, and so do you

Warm and comfortable baby sleeping bags made from organic cotton and Swisswool

Our formula for comfort

From our baby sleeping bags to our down duvets, from our wool pillows to our organic cotton bedding products, all of our products are designed with their user’s optimum comfort in mind.

Our formula for achieving this is simple: we use breathable filling materials - either wool or down - and cover them with soft organic cotton. If no filling materials are required, as with our pyjamas or bedsheets, we only use organic cotton.


Our duvets

We offer both wool duvets and down duvets.

Our wool duvets are filled with Swisswool, a patented filling material made from pure virgin sheep’s wool, which is then reinforced with plant fibers to make it machine washable. Our products designed for babies, children and warm sleepers also use wool filling. Wool regulates your body temperature and is great for people who tend to overheat at night.

Our wool duvets are made in Canton Schwyz.

Down, on the other hand, is nature’s best insulator and is a better fit for those who can’t keep warm at night. Our down duvets are made with the finest down from Easern Europe; you have the option of choosing between goose and duck down. Every down product in our shop is DownPass certified, meaning that our geese or ducks were not subjected to force-feeding or live-plucking.

Our goose down duvets are made in Canton Bern; our duck down duvets are made in the Black Forest region of Germany.


Our pillows

We offer both wool duvets and down pillows.

Our wool pillows are also made with Swisswool, but the Swisswool used here takes the form of small woolen balls, which you can remove from your pillow to find the perfect size. Our wool pillows are firmer than our down pillows, but they are also more breathable and keep your head from feeling hot or sweaty at night.

We have two down options available: goose and duck down. Our down pillows are made from the finest European down and feathers on the market. Our pillows are 15% down and 85% feathers, to make sure they’re neither too hard nor too soft.


Our bedding

We offer bedsheets, pillowcases and duvet covers made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. In keeping with our principles of using only natural and breathable materials, we only offer bedding made from cotton, though we have two different weaves available: satin and percale.

Satin is an extremely fine, soft and delicate weave. Sleeping in satin is a very pleasant, almost decadent experience. As of now, our satin bedding is only available in its natural écru colour, though we plan on adding new colours in the very near future.

While slightly less soft than satin, percale is also quite agreeable to the touch. It is also a very durable weave and thus offers great value for money.

Did you know that wool is a natural fire-extinguisher? So even though our baby sleeping bags meet all international safety standards, we don’t need to use fire retardant to treat Swisswool. Many synthetic fabrics have to be treated with toxic fire retardants in order to comply with baby safety standards. Their use has been linked to cancer and reduced fertility.