Wool pillows

    Breathable Wool Pillows

  • Pillows of adjustable thickness, made with the same Swisswool filling as our duvets.
  • Available in 6 sizes : 40x60cm - 50x70cm - 60x60cm - 60x70cm - 65x65cm - 60x90cm.
  • Made in Switzerland. Machine washable at 30 degrees (wool program).

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Our pillows for adults

Our top-quality adult pillows guarantee the best possible sleeping comfort thanks to the sustainable, soft and natural materials they’re made from. Like all our products, our pillows are particularly durable and long-lasting. They can be used for several years and allow for relaxed and comfortable sleep, as they are breathable and moisture-regulating.

The advantages of our pillows

The outer cushion cover is made of Fairtrade cotton and a layer of Swisswool, which is extremely soft and particularly gentle for the skin. The ticking is made of anti-allergic and antibacterial Fairtrade cotton and is filled with wool balls. These can be removed to adjust the pillow and its thickness to your head shape and preferences. Our pillows for adults are available in six different sizes: 40x60cm - 50x70cm - 60x60cm - 60x70cm - 65x65cm and 60x90cm and they are made exclusively in Switzerland. They can be washed at 30 degrees with your washing machine’s wool programme. With Zizzz pillows, you’re not only doing something nice for yourself, but also for the environment. Our cotton comes from equitable, organic cultivation and has been awarded the FairTrade seal.

Important points to consider when you buy a new pillow:

While there are many points to consider when buying a new pillow, we think there are three questions you should ask yourself before making a decision:

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Will it last a long-time?
  • Is it ethical and eco-friendly?


As shown above, our pillow can be opened and closed at any time and is filled with tiny woolen balls. This allows you to add or remove the desired amount of wool from the pillow, so that you can adjust it and find the thickness which is just right for you.

We use the same high-quality Swisswool filling in our pillows as we do in our duvets and baby sleeping bags, so they’re also breathable and hypoallergenic. This means that your pillow won’t make your head hot at night and you won’t have to worry about dust mites.


All our products are built to last. We use high-quality Swisswool and only the finest FairTrade cotton to ensure that our products aren’t just comfortable, but also durable.

Ethical and eco-friendly

Our Swisswool is sourced from sheep raised in the Swiss Alps. Our sheep graze happily in one of the most beautiful places in the world, which they also help to maintain, as their grazing helps to prevent erosion! In addition, properly-managed grazing helps reduce levels of carbon dioxide and may help reduce the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  

Our pillows are made from natural materials

At Zizzz, we place particular emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection. The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters and causes long-lasting damage both to us and the environment. Rivers and lakes are polluted by toxic substances dumped by factories. The water later ends up in our drinking water and the food we eat. This not only puts factory workers at risk, but also all other people and animals. These toxins can cause serious health problems and damage our immune and reproductive system.

Products made from synthetic fibres also release microfibre particles during washing, which get into our waste water and can even be absorbed by our bodies when we breathe. Among other things, microplastics can cause inflammation and also often spread harmful substances and pesticides in the environment.

To offer a clean future for the next generation, we therefore make sure to use eco-friendly and purely natural materials, which have been sustainably farmed.

Fairtrade cotton

Our pillows for adults and their filling are made of cotton that has been awarded the Fairtrade seal. In order to be awarded the Fairtrade seal, not only the farms on which the cotton is grown is inspected, but also the entire production process from field to sale.

FairTrade stands for improved working conditions for farmers and family farms that are managed democratically. Exploitative child labour and forced labour is strictly prohibited. FairTrade is not only committed to improving farmers' working conditions, but also to environmentally-friendly production methods. For example, no dangerous chemicals or genetically-modified seeds are used in the cotton farms and the most efficient use of water is ensured.

Swisswool - pure virgin sheep’s wool from the Swiss Alps

Swisswool is a new wool which comes from sheep farmers throughout Switzerland. A few years ago, much new wool was thrown away by farmers because there was no demand and the sheep were only needed to maintain the Alpine landscape.

New wool is extremely versatile and can be used for various products. In order to reduce waste and use wool in a more sustainable way, virgin sheep's wool was collected and processed. This not only protects the environment, but through our use of Swisswool, we also support the farmers living in the Swiss Alps and the preservation of the Swiss Alpine landscape.

Virgin sheep's wool has unique properties that synthetic materials cannot match. New wool neutralises odours and pollutants and can have either a cooling or warming effect on the body, depending on the outside temperature. In addition, it regulates moisture, which is especially important during sleep, as we lose a great deal of moisture through sweating.

Shortened transport routes

To keep our ecological footprint as low as possible, we focus on sustainable transport. Sustainable transport means that our procurement channels are kept as short as possible and we rely on local sources of supply. This is why our wool comes exclusively from the Swiss Alps and our pillows for adults are produced locally in Switzerland.