Sustainable: organic and local

Zizzz baby sleeping bag with natural Swisswool filling

We make products for our children and future generations, but don’t want to destroy the world to do so. So, we use organic and bio materials in our products - the first step in the Zizzz supply chain starts with sheep grazing in the Swiss Alps, not in a petroleum refinery. This is because our products are made of wool and cotton, not polyester, which is an oil and plastic-based product.

Our production and manufacture take place as locally as possible, to reduce both the financial and environmental costs of transportation. You may not know this, but the transportation industry is now the largest carbon emitter in the world – 16 of the world’s largest ships produce as much pollution as all the cars of the world combined!

Sustainable development is more than just environmental sustainability – it also includes social development and responsibility. Our logistical partner in Switzerland is the Buergerspital in Basel, which helps re-integrate disabled people into the general workforce. Not only do our partners at Buespi do a great job handling our logistics, but they also perform an important social mission at no added cost to the consumer.