Be cool - Be Swisswool!

Swisswool filling

Why Swisswool?

Almost all baby sleeping bags have a polyester filling. Polyester is a plastic fiber made from oil, not capable of absorbing moisture. When moisture stays close to the body it results in a clammy feeling.

Swisswool is wool reinforced with vegetable fibers to make it washable. Wool breathes and wicks moisture away. This helps you to regulate your body temperature and this is crucial for comfortable sleep. The result is better, deeper and more relaxed sleep.

Swisswool is an ecological material made with virgin sheep wool (88%) grown in the Swiss mountains and reinforced with vegetable fibers. Swisswool is a local and sustainable product. Farmers bring the raw wool to collecting places around Switzerland. The fleeces are sorted in different qualities. The finest qualities are then used to produce the Swisswool for Zizzz products.  

The most important advantages of Swisswool are:

  • 100% natural
  • breathable
  • local and sustainable
  • machine washable

The wool helps to wick moisture away. This together with the breathability makes Swisswool ideal for use as a filling material in baby sleeping bags and Duvets. It helps to keep your body at the right temperature when you sleep. Try it and you will be convinced!