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Sleep smart
Wouldn’t it be great if you would wake up fresh and ready for action every morning? We help you do just that, by making the best bedding products we can - natural, sustainable and for a fair price
Eco-Friendly: Made with organic and sustainable materials
Local: Made in Switzerland or the EU
Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30-day trial period
One tree planted for every item sold
Free CO2 neutral delivery
Wouldn’t it be great if you would wake up fresh and ready for action every morning? We help you do just that, by making the best bedding products we can - natural, sustainable and for a fair price

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We plant a tree for every product sold

In keeping with our ethic of sustainability, we've decided to partner with Tree Nation in their effort to stop deforestation. Tree Nation is a Barcelona-based company that has planted well over five million threes worldwide thus far.

Studies show that fighting deforestation by planting trees and protecting wetlands are two effective ways of fighting global warming, as these ecosystems are important carbon sinks.

For every item you purchase from our shop, we'll contribute one tree to a forest in Madagascar. So, if you order a duvet and a pillow, we'll plant two trees. You can find out more here.

Sign up to receive discounts of up to 25%!

Our newsletter subscribers receive discounts of up to 25%. Subscribe now and don't miss out! You'll get 10 CHF off your next purchase (minimum purchase order of 75 CHF).

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What our clients say
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Review by Anamaria, Switzerland, Posted on 27/01/2018
High-quality products
I am really happy with all the products. They are high quality and it is a delight to sleep in such duvets. I always tell my friends about Zizzz and I will definitely order again.
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Review by Christel, Switzerland, Posted on 27/11/2016
So satisfied, I bought a second one!
I bought it for my 3-month-old baby that did not fit in the other brands' bags, which were supposedly designed for his age. I used it despite the heat of this summer and he didn’t sweat like he did with the low price range bags. I’m so satisfied that I bought another one on Black Friday ;) I have used it also for the carseat and the system is good, but it occupies a lot of space and the baby gets a bit grounded in the seat. Easy to install and when we arrive and he’s asleep, I can move him to the nursery without waking him up. The zip is awesome and his neck is perfectly protected… and with a super soft fabric. Don’t hesitate because of the price, cos it lasts forever, not like the other bags whose prices were high for their value.
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Review by Jessica, Posted on 3/28/17
Just great!
Super product, I’m very happy with it!

The Zizzz story – A family story

When little Carmen was born, our lives changed forever. One of the first things my wife and I realised was how important sleep was - for all three of us.

In their first year, babies sleep for more than 14 hours a day (though not always at night, as new parents know!) Studies show that infants grow while they sleep and that the quality of infant sleep may affect later cognitive ability. That means that giving babies a warm, secure and comfortable place to sleep is vital.

Unconvinced by the products that I found on the market, I decided to start Zizzz.

Many relatives gave us baby sleeping bags as gifts for little Carmen. Though the gifts were certainly well-intended, my wife and I noticed that they all contained polyester filling. Have you ever slept in polyester bedding in a cheap hotel? If so, you probably spent most of the night tossing and turning.

The problem with polyester is that it isn’t breathable - it retains heat and moisture. First, the polyester traps your body heat, which makes you sweat. But because polyester also traps moisture, the sweat stays between you and the bedding. So before long, you’re too cold. Now, imagine how your baby must feel, sleeping inside a polyester sleeping bag for more than 5,000 hours a year.

The chances are good that your baby is sleeping inside polyester. Polyester is a type of plastic made from petroleum; in fact, the polyester used in clothes is the same plastic used in soda and ketchup bottles. Chemical engineers didn’t invent polyester to ensure good sleep, but designers use it in many products because it’s cheap.

At Zizzz, we only use 100% natural and renewable materials, which are designed to give your little one the best night’s sleep possible. We believe that our children, and yours, have the right to live a sustainable life - and to enjoy comfortable sleep.

You probably know that good sleep is crucial for your baby’s brain development. Feeling warm and safe should help your baby fall into a deep and restorative sleep. While a cold baby can be easily woken up, a hot baby might become overheated. Scientists believe that hyperthermia, or increased temperature, is one of the causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Zizzz uses materials that help your baby’s body to regulate its own temperature. A comfortable baby will sleep deeper and longer - and most importantly, safer.

We live in Switzerland. One of the best things about this country is the fantastic skiing. We wear fine wool fabrics while skiing - this gave us an idea. It's no secret that many skiers and athletes use wool because of its unique qualities in extreme weather conditions. This is because wool keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. It also keeps your body dry when you exercise.

Eureka! This would be the perfect solution for Carmen’s sleepless nights.

The idea to use wool was just the beginning - finding the real solution was our challenge. Did a lightweight and washable wool filling for baby sleeping bags even exist? We searched far and wide, but finally found what we needed close to home: a wonderful fibre called Swisswool.

Swisswool is a patented, natural filling material made from 88% virgin Swiss wool and 12% vegetable fibres. It retains all the unique characteristics of wool and is machine-washable. We’re sure your baby will like it as much as ours does.

Our first step was to replace polyester with Swisswool. But we soon realized that there is more to safe and comfortable sleep than the sleeping bag filling.

For example, what covers the Swisswool? When babies sleep, their sensitive skin touches the interior of the sleeping bag, so we wanted to use the purest fabric available. The obvious choice was to replace normal cotton with organic cotton. Organic cotton has no traces of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in it, so there’s no need to worry about allergies. At Zizzz, we only use fair-trade, organic cotton and OKO TEX textiles for our products.

And these are just two of the improvements we have made.

We produce our baby sleeping bags in Europe to ensure that no children are exploited in the manufacture of our products. Also, we don’t want our sleeping products to travel twice around the world before they reach you and your baby. It’s an enormous waste of energy.

The most important thing for us at Zizzz is that our products work properly. But that doesn’t mean that we should sacrifice visual appeal for functionality. So, we teamed up with some fantastic designers to give our sleeping bags a chic look. No stuffy, boring sleeping bags for Zizzz babies – have a look at our products and judge for yourself!

Many parents were so enthusiastic and satisfied when they saw how well their babies were sleeping that they asked us if we could also make bedding for them. So, our next step was to develop duvets for adults with the same great Swisswool filling. On the outside, they have a superfine fair-trade batiste. Zizzz duvets are made in Switzerland. Try one now and you will wonder why you slept that long with down or polyester filling!

Wool duvets and Down duvets - Our next step as a company

We followed our customers’ advice and soon added wool duvets to our product range. Since we started our company baby sleeping bags with wool filling, wool duvets were the logical next step for us.

Like our baby sleeping bags, our wool duvets are made in Switzerland from organic cotton and pure new wool from sheep raised in the Swiss Alps. Our duvets are therefore extremely breathable, so you feel hot and sweaty when the weather is warm, but they’re also warm enough for most people. We carry the sizes which are most common in Switzerland, namely 140x200, 160x210, 200x210 and 240x240 cm.

Since we know how popular down duvets are, we now carry these, too. For all our down products, we use GOTS-certified organic cotton and the finest European goose or duck down on the market. Down is extremely light and airy, but it’s also mother nature’s best insulator and thus a good choice for those who tend to get cold at night.

One of the main differences between our down products and others on the market is the lengths that we go to in order to ensure that our down comes from ethically-responsible sources. Every down product we sell bears the DownPass label. They carry out regular spot checks to ensure that neither force-feeding nor live plucking is used on our geese or ducks.

Our down duvets are a big hit with customers! Our down duvets 160x210 and 240x240 are now among our bestsellers.

Children's duvets

At Zizzz, we want to help everyone get a good night's sleep! This is why we also offer children's duvets. Our wool duvets for children are also made here in Switzerland. They are made from a cover made from soft organic cotton and Swisswool filling.

We offer the following sizes for children: 100x135 and 140x170.

Pillows - wool pillows and down pillows

Of course, you need the right pillow to go with your duvet. For our wool lovers, we have breathable wool pillows made from organic cotton and the same virgin sheep's wool as our fantastic wool duvets. Our wool pillows are a bit firmer than our down pillows, but keep your head cool and dry thanks to their breathability. Our wool pillows are available in the sizes 40x60, 50x70, 60x60, 65x65, and 60x90.

For those who prefer down, we carry the softest down pillows you can find. Here too, we offer the option of both goose and duck down. Our down pillows are so soft that at night you’ll think you’re resting your head on a cloud, and are available in the sizes 40x60, 50x70, 60x60, 65x65, 60x90 and 65x100 cm.

Of course, we also have matching pillowcases in our webshop.

Organic cotton bed linen

To further complete our product range, we’ve added duvet covers, pillowcases and fitted sheets made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Our organic cotton bed linens are available in both percale and satin.

We offer the corresponding covers to match the sizes of our duvets and pillows, such as 160x210, 200x210 and 240x240. We also carry fixed sheets sized 90x200, 160x200 and 180x200 cm.

Soft organic cotton pyjamas

As part of our mission to help the whole family get a good night's sleep, we have organic cotton pyjamas for women, children and babies. The breathable organic cotton we use for our pyjamas is among the softest you can find and will certainly help you feel relaxed and comfortable in bed, which in turn will help you get the best sleep possible.

We do our best to offer the right size for almost every child. We have pyjamas for newborns (60 cm), pyjamas for six-month-old babies (70 cm) and pyjamas for one-year-old babies. We also have pajamas for toddlers and pajamas for children up to the age of about five years. We also carry pajamas for women in small, medium and large. We have used some of our favorite design patterns for our pajamas, such as Lucky Star, Red Balloon and Frog Ragnar.

A cute, little snuggle toy for your cute, little baby

Our snuggle toys are the perfect nighttime companions for newborns and babies. They stimulate your baby's sense of touch and promote the development of his or her fine motor skills.

Our snuggle toys are made to last from soft, GOTS-certified organic cotton. Since they're organic, they don't cause allergic reactions.

We offer simpler, fabric-shaped snuggle toys for newborns. And since we are here in Switzerland, we have a cow snuggle toy for bigger babies!