Honest: transparent and traceable

Zizzz products have a QR code that allows them to trace the origins of our natural and organic products

From the sheep we use for our wool to the packaging our products are sent in, our aim is that our customers can trace every step in the Zizzz supply chain. Why do we do this? You will (hopefully!) be spending six to eight hours per night in our products, your babies even more. We want you to trust that the product in which you are spending so much of your time is truly made of organic and natural materials.
We have nothing to hide – quite the opposite! As such, many of our products bear a QR code, which allows our customers to trace the origins of the Swisswool and cotton used, as well as the factory where it was made. We are proud of our partners, all of whom are Swiss or European and most of whom are family-owned businesses. We visit our partners on a frequent basis; they have become part of the Zizzz family