Questions about Swisswool



What is Swisswool made of?

Swisswool is made from 88% virgin wool from Swiss sheep. The other 12% is corn fibers. They are used to strengthen the wool and make it easily washable.

What is the difference between Swisswool and a polyester filing?

Swisswool breathes and wicks moisture away. This helps your baby to regulate their body temperature and is important for comfortable sleep. A breathable baby sleeping bags allows air and moisture to pass straight through it, qualities that help keep your baby's body at the right temperature so he doesn't wake up at night. The result is better, deeper and more relaxed sleep, thanks to Zizzz.

Polyester is a plastic fiber made from oil, which lacks the same capacity to absorb moisture. When moisture stays close to the body, it results in a clammy feeling. Research has shown the superior qualities of wool as a bedding material.

What are the characteristics of Swisswool?

Swisswool is:

- breathable
- helps to regulate body temperature
- sustainable
- 100% Natural
- toxin-tested
- hypoallergenic
- naturally resists the build-up of odours
- machine washable at 30°