Soft and Natural Wool or Down Pillows

  • Wool pillows: The classic Zizzz wool pillow is made from an inner pillow filled with Swiswool and an outer pillow made from soft organic cotton. 
  • Goose down pillows: We fill soft organic cotton with the finest goose down and feathers on the market to make a truly luxurious pillow.    
  • Duck down pillows: This pillow is filled with soft duck down. Not quite as soft as our goose down, but softer and warmer than our wool pillow.   
  • Made in Switzerland or Germany: Our goose down and wool products are made in Switzerland. Our duck down products are made in the Black Forest.

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12 Items

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Why are pillows so important for good sleep?

To reach deep and restorative sleep, it is important that the muscles of the neck and shoulders be relaxed.

Depending upon your sleeping position, you may need a thinner or thicker pillow. If you sleep on your side or your back, a thicker pillow is the right choice. Likewise, a thinner pillow is best for belly sleepers.

Our Swisswool pillow consists of two parts

The first part is an inner pillow which is filled with small woolen balls, any number of which can be removed in order to make the pillow flatter. The inner pillow is protected by an outer pillow cover. This pillow cover is itself filled with a layer of Swisswool, almost like a thin woolen blanket. This makes the pillow very comfortable, as it allows the weight of your head to be evenly distributed on the woolen balls.

Zizzz Pillow open

Our pillow presents a promising solution for comfortable sleep.

Due to the wool’s breathability, the pillow is also well-suited for warmer temperatures.

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