Baby sleeping bags

  • Models for the whole year and models for the summer, available in 3 sizes (0-6M, 6-24M and 24-48M)
  • Top quality 100% natural materials: Swisswool wool and GOTS organic cotton

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  1. Illustration of sleeping bag Plain design 0-6 months
    Baby sleeping bag plain 0-6 Months (70cm)
    Price CHF109.00

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Frequently Asked Questions about Zizzz Baby Sleeping Bags and Baby Blankets

What should my child wear inside his Zizzz baby sleeping bag?

We advise parents to dress their baby in pajamas made of natural, breathable materials. During particularly cold periods, put an extra layer on your baby.

What is the ideal temperature for my baby's room?

The ideal temperature for a baby’s room lies between 16º and 22ºC.

When I put my baby to bed, should I use a blanket or a baby sleeping bag?

We recommend that you use a baby sleeping bag. It is the safest and most comfortable way for a baby to sleep.

It is the most comfortable way, as babies can’t kick off a sleeping bag, so there is no risk of them uncovering themselves and waking up from the cold. It is the safest way because babies cannot suffocate in a baby sleeping bag; unlike a blanket, a correctly-sized bag will never smother the baby. In addition, the repeated use of our baby sleeping bag provides your baby with a recognizable sleep environment, which has a relaxing effect. This feeling of familiarity will, in turn, help them establish a sleeping routine, even when they are not in their own bed.

We recommend our blankets for other uses, too. You can use one keep your baby warm when you are carrying them or when you take them for a walk in a buggy.

Why don’t your baby sleeping bags have sleeves?

Our bags don’t have sleeves to make sure enough air can circulate and to avoid overheating, which can be a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If babies sleep under a blanket they will normally keep their arms uncovered, just like we do. We recommend layering garments to adapt your baby to their room’s temperature. The best way to see if they are warm is to put your hand on their chest or behind their neck. Babies’ hands can feel a bit cold because of poor circulation in the first 12 months. Don’t worry! This is normal.

How do I take care of my Zizzz sleeping product?

You can wash Zizzz products at 30ºC on your washing machine’s wool program. Remember to use a wool detergent. Do not put Zizzz sleeping products in the dryer.

Can I use Zizzz sleeping products for a baby with allergies or eczema?

Absolutely! At Zizzz, we only use natural materials: Swisswool and organic cotton, both of which are hypoallergenic.  Skin allergies are often linked to chemical and toxic residues in fabrics. The wool filling in our sleeping bags comes from sheep raised in the Swiss Alps. No pesticides are used on our sheep. The inner lining of our baby sleeping bags is made from organic cotton, which we use to ensure that there is no chance that pesticides come into contact with your baby.

What is the TOG value of a Zizzz baby sleeping bag or blanket?

The textile industry uses TOG values as an indicator of a product’s insulation power. You’ll often see TOG values listed on baby sleeping bags made of polyester. We don’t believe it’s very useful since our products are breathable and help to regulate your baby’s body temperature naturally.

However, if you twist our arm, our TOG value is roughly 2.5.

Until what age can a baby/child sleep in a baby sleeping bag?

Our baby sleeping bags come in three different sizes. Our largest sleeping bag is for children from 2 to 4 years; the smallest size is for the period of 0 to 6 months. During their first six months, babies grow very quickly, which is why the use period of our smallest model is relatively short. Our second size is for 6 to 24-month-old babies. We don’t make our bags too big, because then they essentially become a blanket.

This defeats the entire purpose of a baby sleeping bag, which is to ensure that the baby can’t smother itself or kick the sleeping bag off.

How many bags do you recommend?

It is best to have two baby sleeping bags. This way you always have a back-up when one is in the washing machine.

Can I use your baby sleeping bag all year round?

Yes. Our bags are designed to be used year-round in houses with temperatures between 16° and 22°C. So, it’s best to avoid using them on the hot summer days, when you sleep yourself without your duvet.

Why should you choose a baby sleeping bag from Zizzz?

Specially designed to help babies fall and stay asleep, our baby sleeping bag has numerous advantages when compared with blankets and other bedding products for babies.


First, the sleeping bag eliminates the risk of suffocation associated with the use of a blanket. Second, it eliminates the risk that the baby will feel cold if he kicks off the blanket during the night. With his arms free, your baby can wiggle about to his heart’s content, but the temperature-regulating qualities of our sleeping bag’s Swisswool filling will maintain his body temperature at an optimal level.

Easy to use

With our buttons and zippers, putting the sleeping bag on your baby is simple. The double zipper on models for babies six months or older allows you to change his diapers without even removing the sleeping bag. Likewise, with the opening on the back, you can slip the seatbelt around your baby’s waist without taking the sleeping bag off. That way, you can take your little one around with you in your car or in the buggy without waking him up. Another advantage: unlike blankets, which come in standard sizes, our sleeping bag is available in different sizes and the four buttons along the collar allow you to adjust the neckline as desired.


The outer layer made of GOTS-certified organic cotton is soft and pleasant to the touch; the Swisswool filling keeps your baby warm, but not too warm. Both are natural materials and breathable, so that you’ll never find that your baby is covered in sweat when you take the sleeping bag off of him.

Deep, beneficial sleep

Babies quickly associate the sleeping bag with the experience of pleasant sleep. This mental association may help them fall asleep more quickly and feel more at ease in unfamiliar environments or situations. The repetitive use of the sleeping bag also aids in the establishment of a set sleep routine. Certain studies indicate that good sleep habits help premature or lighter-weight babies grow faster.

Natural, high-quality materials

Made with an outer layer of GOTS-certified organic cotton and Swisswool filling, our sleeping bags provide a feeling of softness and comfort that allow for optimal sleep. These toxin-free and hypoallergenic materials do not irritate even the skin of even the most sensitive babies.

Machine washable

Swisswool is an environmentally-friendly material made from pure virgin wool. It is machine washable due to a patented process. It retains the advantages of natural wool fibers and is easy to maintain.

Health and Sustainability

Our sleeping bags are made from pure virgin sheep’s wool and organic cotton, not polyester. Polyester is an oil-based type of plastic and is associated with numerous health risks. Due to its high flammability, polyester must be treated with flame retardant. Flame retardants typically contain endocrine disruptors, which have been shown to have negative effects on male and female fertility. In addition, polyester isn’t breathable and is therefore rather unsuited for most types of clothing.

As our production takes place as locally as possible, we’re not dependent on massive transport ships, which rank amongst the worst polluters on the planet.

Social Responsibility

Manufacturing locally also means that we can be sure that no child labor is used in the factories that make our products. On the contrary, we try to work with socially responsible partners whenever possible, like the Buergerspital in Basel. The Buespi is a social and medical company which works to integrate handicapped individuals back into the workforce and is responsible for our logistics in Switzerland. They do a really good job for us and we’re proud to call them our partners.