Duvets for children

    Duvets for Children

  • Made with Swisswool, our light and airy duvets are ideal for children.
  • They help regulate body temperature and offer a very comfortable sleeping climate year-round.
  • You can wash our duvets easily with the wool program at 30 °.

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What’s important to consider when buying a children’s duvet?

Sleep is essential for children: it promotes your child's health, helps with growth and increases their ability to learn. It’s most important that your child get plenty of the deep, restorative sleep they need and wake up as rarely as possible. That's why we at Zizzz make our duvets to meet your child's needs perfectly and to ensure that he or she can sleep undisturbed and comfortably. Our duvets are breathable, light and comfortable. In addition, all our duvets are hypoallergenic and made entirely from natural materials.

As there is an incredibly wide range of children's duvets to choose from on the internet, we would like to present three important points that you should consider when buying a children's duvet:

  1. The size of the duvet 
  2. Whether the duvet is breathable
  3. What materials the duvet is made of

What size is the right fit for my child?

Finding the right size for a children’s duvet isn’t always easy. Of course, the size of your child should be taken into account when making your choice, as should their sleeping habits (does he or she tend to move quite a bit at night, does he or she like to snuggle up under the duvet, does he or she roll from side to side, etc). Smaller children take up less space, so a duvet measuring 100x135 cm should be the right size for them.

A 140x170 cm duvet is a good choice for a somewhat larger child who is getting his or her own bed for the first time. It is important that the duvet can completely cover your child and that the child’s bare feet do not stick out at the end. At Zizzz, we offer two sizes for children. Our duvets can also be used all year round, as they are warm enough for the winter and light enough for the summer.

Is the duvet breathable?

The duvet’s ability to absorb moisture is a very important factor to consider when choosing your child’s duvet. Children generally sweat more at night than adults because they toss and turn more and often have more intense dreams, so the duvet should be breathable. A breathable duvet keeps your child’s bed dry and helps your child sleep through the night.

Small children in particular are not yet able to regulate their body temperature on their own, while a constant body temperature of 36 or 37 degrees is necessary for relaxed sleep. This makes a breathable duvet even more important. In addition, the fewer the changes to the body temperature, the lower the risk that your child will catch a cold due to rapid and frequent body temperature changes.

Sweating at night leads to restless sleep; night sweats can also wake your child up. We at Zizzz have developed our duvets to be breathable - that is, to let heat and moisture pass through them - in order to prevent the accumulation of heat and moisture caused by night sweats.

Which material is best suited for a child’s duvet?

As we stated above, an air-permeable or breathable material is extremely important for children. Furthermore, the material also be tested to ensure that it is free of toxic or harmful substances. Finally, it should also be soft! Of all the materials available, natural materials meet these criteria best. That's why at Zizzz, all children's duvets are filled with pure virgin sheep's wool. On the outside, our children's duvets are covered with organic satin cotton and are very soft to the touch. Our children's duvets are comfortable and especially suited for children with sensitive skin.

Furthermore, our duvets are also very light and durable. Children can carry their duvet around by themselves and our material is extremely long-lasting. During the day, children's rooms are often used for playing and learning, so the duvets should be durable and not too heavy. Our children's duvets can even be washed at 30 degrees in the wool programme. In addition, they have not been chemically treated and are mildew resistant. You can use Zizzz duvets all year round, which also contributes to sustainability.

Why is it important that your children’s duvet be hypoallergenic?

This is another important aspect to take into account when considering which children's duvet is best for you.

Although both terms are often used synonymously, "hypoallergenic" and "anti-allergen" actually refer to two different qualities. The term "hypoallergenic" is used to describe materials which very rarely trigger allergy outbreaks; these materials are produced without the assistance of synthetic materials or additives. The term "anti-allergen," on the other hand, refers to products treated against dust mites. Our children’s duvet, like all Zizzz products, is naturally hypoallergenic, so such chemical treatment would be unnecessary. A temperature of over 21°C and a humidity level of over 70% is optimal for house dust mites. The breathability as well as the moisture absorption capacity of the wool prevents the development of the conditions in which house dust mites can thrive. Wool also owes its resistance to bacteria and mould to the above-mentioned properties.