Get healthy while you sleep

Get healthy while you sleep

Healthy, deep sleep is key to detoxifying your body. According to new research in the US, our brain detoxifies itself while we sleep. Harmful substances and toxic decomposition products resulting from cellular metabolism are cleaned from our bodies overnight.

Today, it is difficult to completely avoid pollutants such as pesticides and environmental toxins. Toxic degradation products also result from normal metabolic processes in the body, and the body must dispose of them somehow. This is why many people go on detoxification programs in spring. But even without special detox products, the body performs constant detoxification work. Much of this is done while we sleep. So, in addition to an asparagus treatment and similar efforts, the most important natural detoxification method for your body is good sleep.

The human body detoxifies through the lymphatic system, which is particularly active from 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock in the evening. Later at night, at about 1 to 3 clock, the liver is working at top speed. For these processes to run at an optimal level, it is particularly important to get enough deep sleep. To help you sleep, good sleep hygiene, such as optimal temperature regulation and air permeability of your duvet, is of great importance.


Sleeping detoxifies the brain

Until a few months ago, scientists did not know how the removal of toxins and waste products in the human brain works. Now it has been found that this detoxification takes place at night via the cerebrospinal fluid. The spaces between the cells are larger at night, the brain fluid flows through these openings and transports toxins out. Sleep seems to regulate this mechanism.

Deposits in the brain are involved in some mysterious diseases, such as the development of Alzheimer's disease. With the new discovery, researchers also hope to have made an important step to develop a cure for diseases such as a migraine or epilepsy in the future. The research team believes that brain detoxification is one of the main reasons why humans need sleep.


Promoting healthy sleep

These remarkable findings lend new evidence to the old saying: "Sleep is the best medicine". Young people, as well as old people, will benefit from healthy deep sleep. Good sleep in early childhood might help to ensure a long and healthy life, so it is especially important that parents help their children sleep well.

Furnish your bed in such a way that it makes you want to sleep through the night comfortably and without interruption. This includes right temperature regulation. For your body to do the important work of detoxification efficiently, you should feel comfortable in your sleeping place. It is particularly significant that the moisture and air exchange work well at night. A traditional wool duvet is perfect in summer and in winter. Wrapped in a wonderfully soft cotton insert, sheep’s wool can provide warmth or have a cooling effect as needed. It promotes sound sleep which is the basic prerequisite for effective detoxification.

When you purchase a duvet, look for the “certified organic” label and make sure your duvet does not contain residues of pesticides or other harmful substances. At Zizzz, we produce products that are 100% organic and sustainable – for a healthy, non-toxic environment.