Rabbit snuggle cloth: This is why the rabbit is so popular with children!

Rabbit snuggle cloth: This is why the rabbit is so popular with children!

A snuggle cloth is a mixture of snuggle toy and cloth. The advantages that snuggle cloths have vis-à-vis regular snuggle toys is that they’re easier for babies to grasp and play with than the latter. Snuggle cloths don’t only stimulate the sense of touch, but rather also have some psychological advantages.


Why should my baby have a snuggle cloth?

Child psychologists often describe the snuggle cloth as a transitional object. Babies aged 4 to 12 months in particular start becoming more independent and freeing themselves from the round-the-clock supervision of their parents. During this period when they often choose to be absent from their parents, many babies prefer a substitute object, to feel like they have a companion and which symbolizes the closeness they feel to their parents.

A snuggle cloth is ideal to give comfort. A snuggle cloth gives the baby a feeling of security and safety and can even help the baby to fall asleep if they cannot find their way to sleep. Most snuggle cloths are still used by children well after the 12th month. The snuggle cloth can give the child a feeling of security when the child goes to the nursery for the first time or when the paediatrician visits.

The snuggle cloth is also ideal for travelling, because it is easier to transport than a snuggle toy. A snuggle cloth can be folded and fits in almost every trouser pocket if your child does not want to play with it.

The snuggle cloth is even used by some babies to express their emotions. Since toddlers are not yet very good at verbal expression, they need to express their feelings and needs through gestures and facial expressions. The snuggle cloth can withstand all your child’s temper tantrums, even if it is pulled or thrown back and forth by aggression or anger.


Which is better: a snuggle cloth or a snuggle toy?

Of course, babies can also develop a strong emotional bond with snuggle toys and stuffed animals. In the first few months, however, snuggle toys are more suitable for looking at than for cuddling. As snuggle toys are usually larger and stuffed with a heavy fill material, babies have a hard time lifting the snuggle toy by themselves.

Snuggle cloths, on the other hand, are very thin and flexible. Even very young babies can hold a snuggle cloth and carry it around with them. In the first months, you should therefore give your baby a snuggle cloth; later you can switch to a snuggle toy.


What should I consider when buying a new snuggle cloth?

As snuggle cloths are often used by babies when they fall asleep in their crib, you should consider the following points when looking for a new snuggle cloth:

  • the form and workmanship of the snuggle cloth
  • what material the snuggle cloth is made of
  • whether the snuggle cloth is machine washable or not

The form and workmanship of the snuggle cloth

You can find snuggle cloths in all possible shapes and colours. Mostly snuggle cloths are supplemented by cute animal elements, especially popular is the snuggle cloth rabbit, donkey or sheep. Of course, the choice of design depends on your personal preferences.

The workmanship of the snuggle cloth is of particular importance, as your child can put pieces that come loose into their mouth. When you buy a snuggle cloth, make sure that all seams are well made and that the snuggle cloth does not break when pulled.

What material is the snuggle cloth made of?

The material is just as important for the quality of the snuggle cloth as the workmanship. As snuggle cloths are often sucked on, they should be free of any harmful substances. The textile industry often uses dangerous bleaching agents or chemicals to dye synthetic materials.

Make sure that your baby's snuggle cloth is not contaminated with any of these harmful substances. Harmful substances can not only trigger allergies in babies, but also skin irritations such as rashes or reddened spots that itch.

Furthermore, snuggle cloths are used by babies as sleeping aids and are therefore next to the baby all night. In order to avoid the risk of the snuggle cloth getting over the baby's face, the material should be breathable and light. You can also remove the snuggle cloth from the crib as soon as your baby falls asleep.

Is the snuggle cloth machine washable or not?

Snuggle cloths usually survive frequent washing in the washing machine better than snuggle toys. High-quality snuggle cloths can be washed as often as you like and are extremely durable.

As snuggle cloths are not only used inside the house, but are also often packed into the pram on your little excursions or car trips, they naturally get dirty quickly. It is therefore advisable to buy a snuggle cloth that can be washed in the washing machine.


The bunny snuggle cloth from Zizzz

Of course, we also offer different snuggle clothes for your child at Zizzz. Like all our products, the snuggle cloths are made of purely natural materials. Our rabbit snuggle cloth is available in four cute designs:

  • Bunny snuggle cloth with Daisies design
  • Bunny snuggle cloth with Little Leaves design
  • Bunny snuggle cloth with Appleseed design
  • Bunny snuggle cloth with Plain Design

The Bunny snuggle cloth with the Daisies design is made of 100% organic cotton on the outside and 100% Swisswool on the inside. The size is about 20 cm. The Bunny Daisies snuggle cloth also has a decorative scarf. In terms of colour, it matches our baby sleeping bags perfectly.

The Little Leaves Bunny snuggle cloth is also made of 100% cotton and Swisswool. The bunny is wearing a blue scarf with a leaf design.

The Appleseed Bunny snuggle cloth wearing a light blue scarf with a seed pattern. The Bunny snuggle cloth can also be bought without a decorative scarf.

In addition to our Bunny snuggle cloth, we also offer a cow snuggle toy. The cow snuggle toy is made of the same materials as our bunny snuggle cloth.

All our snuggle cloths can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees with the wool washing program.


of purely natural materials

In order to ensure healthy skin contact between your baby and the snuggle cloth, we at Zizzz have decided to use only purely organic materials in our products. This makes our snuggle cloths hypoallergenic and means they won’t cause any skin irritation.

100% cotton: Our products are GOTS certified. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, which not only checks the cultivation of the cotton, but the entire production chain. Though pesticides and other chemicals are often used in the cultivation of cotton, organic cotton forbids this. In addition, organic cotton uses up to 91% less water than conventional cotton.

We are also committed to keeping our transport routes as short as possible. This is why our sheep's wool comes directly from farmers in Switzerland.

100% Swisswool: Swisswool is pure virgin sheep’s wool from sheep in the Swiss Alps; due to lack of demand, it went to waste for a long time. But Swisswool has incredible properties that are particularly gentle on the skin.

With a product made of Swisswool you are not only making the right choice for your baby, but also for the environment. The sustainable use of new wool supports farmers in the rural parts of Switzerland. As controlled grazing can help prevent erosion, you’re also contributing to the preservation of the landscape in the Swiss Alps.

Virgin sheep's wool can regulate moisture extremely well, it neutralises pollutants and odours and is 100% biodegradable. The wool fibre shape consists of up to 85% air, which insulates very well.

These properties make organic cotton and Swisswool perfect for making snuggle cloths. A snuggle cloth from Zizzz will definitely become a great friend and companion for your child for many years.

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