Questions about our pillows

What is the right pillow size for an adult?

To sleep comfortably, the pillow must be the right fit for your body type. All Zizzz pillows are square or rectangular in size.

The standard size of a square pillow for adults is 60x60 cm. A square-size pillow is ideal for bed readers or people who rarely move while they sleep, but should be avoided if you frequently toss and turn at night. You may eventually lay your head too high or too far to one side on the pillow, which can cause back or neck pain over the long term.

The rectangular pillow will suit most sleepers, whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side. Even if you move a lot, the width of the pillow will allow your head to stay on it. In addition, it takes up less space than the square pillow and you will not have to fold or lower it under your neck. We have several sizes of rectangular pillows at Zizzz:

- 40x60 cm

- 60x90 cm

- 50x70 cm

- 65x100 cm

In the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the standard sizes are 50x70cm, 65x100cm and 65x65cm. In the French-speaking Switzerland, they are 50x70cm, 60x90cm, and 60x60cm. In the Italian-speaking part, they are 50x70cm and 50x90cm. We advise you to choose a pillow size which corresponds to your geographical area, as this will make it easier for you to find the size of your corresponding pillowcase. We of course offer pillow cases in various sizes and colour patterns.

In addition to these criteria, take the size of your bed into account, so that your room setting is harmonious and that your duvet and sheets aren't too big for your bed.

How often do you recommend changing your Zizzz pillow?

Ideally, we advise you to change your pillow every 3 years. To extend their life, it is important to maintain them well. The Swiss Association of Bedding Manufacturers (VSB) advises to regularly ventilate your room and shake your pillows to distribute their padding well. In addition, it advises washing the pillows at least once a year with a special program.

I'm hesitating between a wool or down pillow ... What are the main differences?

The Zizzz wool pillow is naturally hypoallergenic, so we recommend this model if you suffer from various allergies or suffer from respiratory problems. In addition, our wool pillow is adjustable, which means that you can open it up and add or remove the amount of wool you wish. 

Compared with our wool, the Zizzz down pillow is softer and lighter. It is certified anti-mite. Among its other qualities, it regains its shape more easily if you fluff it a bit. Composed of 85% feathers and 15% down, this hybrid model will be perfect if you are looking for an ultra-soft model.

Which pillow is best for a child?

This depends on the child's age. We have wool pillows specially designed for children as young as the age of three. We have the size 40x60 cm, ideal for children, as well as the size 50x70cm.

To avoid putting the spine in a bad position, we recommend you to avoid pillows that are too thick. Flat pillows are better for children.