Are you having a hard time sleeping?

Woman can not sleep

Maybe it’s not you - it’s your duvet

If you’ve tried all the usual tricks and remedies to get a good night’s sleep to no avail, then your duvet might be the problem.

Spending the night with a duvet made of breathable, natural materials might just make all the difference, helping you to get the sleep you need to wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

At Zizzz, we make our breathable Swisswool duvets right here in Switzerland.

Why is breathability so important?

A breathable duvet helps regulate body temperature by transferring heat and sweat away from your body, thereby keeping you feeling cool, dry and comfortable. This feeling of comfort helps your body relax so that you can fall asleep quickly. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about waking up covered in sweat, as breathable materials keep your sweat from accumulating between you and your bedding.

Why do we use wool?

Wool isn’t the only breathable natural material out there - but it is one of the best. This is why humans have been using wool for literally thousands of years.

New wool, like the kind of wool used to make our duvets, is usually thicker than other types of wool. This type of wool fibre has a crimped structure, which allows it to absorb a lot of moisture - in fact, wool can absorb up to 33 percent of its dry weight in water without feeling wet or moist. Once wool comes into contact with moisture, it wicks it away to the outside. Wool wicks moisture away even faster than cotton!

This means that wool does a good job of staying clean, as dirt or odours do not tend to accumulate on the surface of wool fibres. For example, the odours from sweat or other substances are also wicked away and neutralised. For your convenience, of course, our Swisswool duvets are machine washable.

What is Swisswool?

Swisswool is essentially pure virgin wool from happy sheep raised in the Swiss Alps. Once shorn, this high-quality wool is reinforced with plant fibres in order to make it machine washable. This patented filling material thus retains all the breathability while being more convenient for its user.

Does Zizzz only make wool duvets?

No! Other than the mattress, we have everything your bed needs:

  • Down Duvets
  • Pillows
  • Bed Sheets
  • Duvet Covers
  • Pillowcases


Eric : « Very nice product with beautiful finishings, seems of very high quality, and delivered in a pretty and practical bag. It keeps us warm during this cold time of year. We are already looking forward to see if it keeps us cool this summer as stated ;-) ! »

Sylvain : « Superproduct. The duvet keeps you warm without making you sweat. We are really happy with our purchase ! »


Elisabeth : « I use it as a duvet to sleep and I am pleasantly surprised with the heat regulation, lightness and texture. »


Brigitte : « Very comfy, keeps its promises »


Astrid : « Very cozy duvet! Each of us have one and they are fantastic: warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Recommended! »


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