Pillows for children
  • Pillows of adjustable thickness, made with the same Swisswool filling as our duvets.
  • Available in 2 sizes : 40x60cm - 50x70cm
  • Made in Switzerland. Machine washable at 30 degrees (wool program).

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What pillow to buy for my child?

The first question to ask is whether your child is old enough to need a pillow at all. Pillows and babies don’t mix, as any soft bedding presents them with a suffocation hazard – due to their weak neck muscles, babies lying on their belly can’t lift their head if they are suffocating.

This is why child safety experts advise parents to wait till their child is two or three before giving them a pillow.

If your child is old enough for a pillow, a Zizzz pillow is a great choice for child for two reasons: its adjustable size and the fact that it’s hypoallergenic.

Zizzz pillows are filled with little balls of Swisswool. Our pillows can be opened at any time to allow you to add or remove the wool, which allows you to set the size perfect for you. The advantages for your child are obvious – you can make the pillow smaller for a little kid and bigger for a big one. In addition, the pillow can “grow” along with your child. 

Once you’ve determined that the pillow is the right size for your child, then you should ask yourself whether the pillow is hypoallergenic and whether it has been chemically treated.

Wool is a hypoallergenic material, which means that is less likely to cause allergies. This is because wool is breathable and thus doesn’t present an attractive habitat for dust mites, which need a humid and warm environment to live in. Wool disperses moisture and heat throughout its connecting fibres, so the heat and sweat from your child don’t stay in the pillow.

Wool’s breathability has been shown to be superior to that of down of polyester - according to a study from the University of Leeds, wool allowed 67 percent more moisture to escape over an eight-hour period than a feather/down wadding, and 43 percent more than polyester.

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