Bed sheets

Fitted Bed Sheets: Satin or Percale Organic Cotton

  • Satin Ecru: Satin is one of the finest types of weave. Due to its softness, it provides great comfort. These bedsheets are dye-free and come in their natural colour
  • Soft Percale: Our organic percale combines comfort with durability. Available in three colours: grey, beige and white
  • Both weaves are made in the EU from the finest organic cotton

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  1. Kids Satin Fitted Sheets
    Kids Satin Fitted Sheets
    As low as CHF25.00
  2. Fixleintich Senfgelb KbA Baumwolle Zizzz
    Fitted sheet – Percale organic cotton – Mustard
    As low as CHF34.00
  3. Fitted Sheet – Percale organic cotton – white
    Fitted Sheet – Percale organic cotton – white
    As low as CHF49.00
  4. Fitted sheet – Percale organic cotton – beige
    Fitted sheet – Percale organic cotton – beige
    As low as CHF49.00
  5. Fitted sheets – satin – organic cotton – sizes available from CHF
    Fitted sheets – satin – organic cotton – sizes available from CHF
    As low as CHF59.00
  6. Fitted sheet - Percale organic cotton - grey
    Fitted sheet - Percale organic cotton - grey
    As low as CHF59.00

6 Items

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Fitted Bed Sheets - The Clever Alternative to Conventional Bed Linens

Fitted sheets are enjoying steadily-growing popularity, and rightly so! The elastic band makes it extremely easy to stretch the sheets over the four corners of your mattress. They can also be removed just as easily.

They hold onto the mattress very well and won’t slip off it while you’re sleeping. The clever design can also prevent wrinkles from forming on the sheet’s surface. Thanks to the fine elasticity, fitted sheets can be stretched over the entire mattress and stay in the right place, no matter your favoured sleeping position.

Fitted sheets protect your mattress from becoming soiled by sweat or skin flakes, as they are breathable and have a particularly high moisture absorption capacity. They can be easily removed from the mattress and washed, which makes them very hygienic. In addition, they are extremely durable and long-lasting, making a positive contribution to ecological sustainability.

Bed Sheets Made from Purely Natural Materials

As with all our products, we use only natural and GOTS-certified materials in our fitted sheets. Our bed sheets are available in two different materials: organic cotton percale and organic cotton satin.

Percale - Percale is a densely woven and fine-threaded cotton fabric with a smooth surface that is abrasion resistant. The fabric is particularly strong and durable and has a plain weave. Percale is very skin-friendly and is therefore especially popular with people with sensitive skin.

Percale is breathable and leaves you feeling cool on hot summer days or nights. Due to the dense weaving technique, percale fitted sheets are extremely long-lasting and do not tear even under heavy loads. Our percale fitted sheets are made of 100% organic cotton and thus combine comfort and eco-friendliness.  

Certified Organic Cotton - Our cotton is organic, eco-friendly and has been certified by the GOTS seal. This seal means that we not only guarantee that the fabric used in our bed sheets was produced organically, but rather the entire production chain on down to the brochures and packaging that our products are delivered with. More information on this topic can be found in our article on bedding fabrics

Available colours and sizes

Our satin fitted sheets are available in four different sizes:

  • 90x200 cm
  • 140x200 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 180x200 cm

As we do not use any dyes in the production of our satin fitted sheets, the product is only available in the natural shade of the fibre.

Our percale fitted sheets are available in three different sizes: 90x200 cm - 160x200 cm and 180x200 cm. They are available in three classic colours: grey, white and beige and match perfectly with the colours of our duvet covers.

Our contribution to sustainability

At Zizzz, sustainability is very important to us. Our customers appreciate the top quality and durability of all our products. At Zizzz, we use only pure organic and natural materials to ensure a clean and undamaged environment for the next generation.

To reduce pollution, we limit our production to Switzerland and Europe. Our bed sheets are produced exclusively in Portugal. Longer transport distances would mean more carbon dioxide emissions, which of course we want to prevent.

Dye-free - a great deal of energy or electricity are used in the dyeing of products; dyeing is typically harmful to the environment. Dispersion dyes, particularly, are used in the treatment of polyester and other chemically-produced synthetic fibres. Later on, these dyes are easily absorbed through the skin and can cause health problems, such as skin allergies.

Bleaching agents and colour accelerators are also used, which can harm not only factory workers, but also people and animals who live in the vicinity of the factories. Most colorants also contain heavy metals, which in the worst case can affect our nervous and immune system.

For this very reason, our fitted sheets are only available in three different colours. Our satin fitted sheets are completely free of dyes and are particularly gentle on the skin.

Longevity - the textile industry requires the use of a great deal of raw materials from the environment; by using toxic chemicals, the textile industry poses a risk for us and the environment. In the end, cheap fabrics break down faster due to their poor quality and end up in the trash. Microplastics released from synthetic fibres can then get into the waste water and cause more harm to humans and animals.

In order to counteract the pollution caused by plastic, consumption in general must be reduced. This is exactly why we at Zizzz focus on the durability of our products. We want to make sure that you can use our fitted sheets for several years without any problems and have therefore made them particularly long-lasting.

Free of harmful substances - fabrics often contain harmful substances and allergens that not only endanger workers but also contaminate waste water and can be absorbed through our skin. There they can cause health problems and damage our immune systems and even our reproductive systems.

In our products, we completely avoid the use of harmful substances such as pesticides, bleaches and softeners.