Four seasons 0-6M 70cm

Four Seasons Sleeping Bag 70 cm / 0-6 Months

  • Made for newborns, an extra button allows you to adjust the collar with more precision.
  • Swisswool wool padding regulates body temperature, allowing for better sleep.
  • The materials are 100% natural: Swisswool wool and organic cotton.

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The benefits of sleeping with a baby sleeping bag and why they offer more safety

Many parents and expecting parents want to make sure that their newborn is protected around the clock - this includes when you and and your little ones are asleep. Of course, all potential sources of danger in the crib should be eliminated to ensure your baby’s safety. 

Parents often ask themselves what bedding is appropriate for a newborn baby and whether you should choose a baby blanket or a sleeping bag. We believe that a baby sleeping bag is clearly the better choice, as the blankets and pillows left in the baby’s bed or crib present clear risks.

When compared with a blanket, research has shown that the use of a baby sleeping bag reduces potential hazards, such as overheating, by at least 23%. That's why we at Zizzz have designed our baby sleeping bags so that your baby feels safe and secure, but not so hot that they sweat excessively. Perhaps most importantly, the baby sleeping bag removes the risk of the baby’s pulling the blanket over their head and suffocating or overheating. 

We make our baby sleeping bags both for your baby’s comfort and your peace of mind. With our baby sleeping bags, you don't have to worry about your baby's well-being. Our sleeping bags keep your baby optimally warm and in the right position. Our material is eco-friendly, free of harmful substances, sustainable and hypoallergenic.

Safe baby sleeping bags

Since babies are not yet able to coordinate their movements very well and, above all, often kick, there is a risk that blankets can ride up or down your baby’s body, which can lead to your baby getting either too cold or eventually having difficulty breathing, due to the blanket’s covering their head. This can be prevented with sleeping bags. Our sleeping bags keep your baby warm in every position and do not slip.

Sleeping bags for babies from 0 - 6 months are designed so that your baby arrives warm and safe in the world. The romper-type sleeping bag has an adjustable opening at the neck with very resistant snap fasteners that contain no traces of nickel.

The neckline should not be so big that your baby can slip their head into the chest area, but it should also not be too tight. Thanks to the buttons, our neckline can be optimally adjusted to the size of your baby.

As sleeping bags are warmed by body temperature, they should not be too big, as this allows the heat to escape. In addition, babies need a little space to kick, but this should not exceed 10cm. This is the reason that our sleeping bag has an ideal length of 70cm and is suitable for newborns from 0 to 6 months.

A protective cover also ensures that the zipper cannot irritate the skin. With the long zipper you can change your baby's nappy while carrying the sleeping bag.

Help your baby with the right sleeping bag 

Since babies cannot yet regulate their own body temperature, it is extremely important that they do not overheat in their sleep and sweat profusely. Our Zizzz sleeping bags are lightweight, breathable and store just the right amount of heat to minimise the risk of overheating and overcovering. In addition, our sleeping bags ensure that your baby is in a safe supine position and it is very difficult for them to roll over into a risky prone position while sleeping.

We use only the best natural materials in our baby sleeping bags 

The inner filling or lining in our baby sleeping bags is made of Swisswool, which mainly consists of pure new wool from happy sheep raised in the Swiss Alps. It regulates the temperature and is also pollutant-free, hypoallergenic, natural and sustainable. The ticking or outer covering is made from first-class organic cotton, which feels velvety soft and pleasant on the baby's skin.

Wool for the optimal body temperature

Thanks to their Swisswool wool filling, our baby sleeping bags help regulate body temperature so that your baby can enjoy an optimal sleeping climate. This is especially important for newborns, because they sleep 5000 hours a year. Our sleeping bags are best suited for a room temperature of 17 to 22 degrees Celsius. If it is colder, we recommend putting on an additional layer underneath, such as a baby “body” and/or pyjamas.