Four seasons 6-24M 90cm

    Four Seasons Sleeping Bag - 90 cm / 6-24 Months

  • With our practical double zip, you can change your baby’s nappy without even removing the sleeping bag.
  • An opening on the back allows the sleeping bag to be worn in a car seat or a pram.
  • Swisswool padding helps regulate body temperature, allowing for better sleep.
  • 100% natural materials: Swisswool and bio cotton

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Baby sleeping bags 4 seasons 90 cm (6-24 M)

A baby sleeping bag means more safety for your baby

Baby sleeping bags are a safe alternative to baby blankets, as they keep your child warm and offer enough space to romp around without slipping off while your baby sleeps. Since babies move more in their sleep than adults, there is a risk that they may slip underneath the blanket, thereby becoming too hot, or kick the blanket off and become cold.

With our baby sleeping bags this can be prevented. Our sleeping bags have been designed to guarantee a comfortable sleeping climate for your baby and to eliminate sources of danger such as covering and overheating. Your baby is kept in a safe supine position and can only roll on his or her stomach with difficulty.

With our sleeping bags we want to guarantee safe and carefree sleep not only for your baby, but for you as well.

Baby sleeping bags for babies from 6 to 24 months

Newborns need much more sleep than adults - they sleep between 16 and 20 hours per day. The sleep rhythm of babies changes depending on their developmental phase, with the longer sleep phases increasingly shifted to night time.

Babies go through six sleep phases, whereas adults only have five. Waking up is a normal part of sleep development in children. Babies are predominantly light sleepers at night and therefore wake up more often due to hunger, cold or full nappies.

Sleep is essential for the child's physical and mental development and should be disturbed as little as possible. It should be noted that every child has different sleep habits and that the length of sleep of an individual infant can vary considerably. Some babies have problems falling asleep quickly and some wake up more easily than others.

With our sleeping bags, you can reduce some of these problems and ensure that your newborn baby gets more sleep. Our sleeping bags provide the right body temperature and sleeping position, allowing for deeper and more relaxed sleep.

Make the right choice for your baby with our baby sleeping bags

Our sleeping bags not only guarantee your baby a longer and more relaxed sleep, they also offer enough space to wiggle around and are cleverly designed to meet the needs of the child and parents.

Our baby sleeping bags for 6 to 24 month old babies are 90 cm long and offer enough space that your baby won’t feel restrained. Movement during sleep is especially important for babies as it allows them to train their muscles and learn and practice important motor skills. We have taken this into account when developing our sleeping bags.

Furthermore, the size is ideal to store enough warmth and keep your baby warm throughout the night. If the sleeping bag is too big, the heat can escape more quickly and there is a risk that your baby will catch a cold. Because babies grow quickly, we recommend that you use our sleeping bags only for the intended duration.

An additional advantage our sleeping bags offer is their double zipper. The zipper allows you to change your baby's nappy without needing to remove the sleeping bag. The nickel-free snap fastener allows you to adjust the neckline to the size of your baby.

Sleeping bags made from natural materials

Our baby sleeping bags are made exclusively from organic and natural materials and are produced only in Switzerland and Europe. The inner lining of our baby sleeping bags is made from Swisswool, a breathable and sustainable material made from pure virgin wool from sheep raised in the Swiss Alps, which has been reinforced with plant fibres to make it machine washable.

Our wool fibres are breathable and permeable to air and moisture. Moisture is conducted to the inside of the fibres and the surface remains completely dry. In addition, the air pockets provide better insulation and keep the body at a constant temperature.

The outer fabric is made of durable, GOTS-certified organic cotton and is extremely tear-resistant. At Zizzz, we place great value on naturalness and sustainability and have therefore consciously chosen pure, eco-friendly materials - for a safe future for you and your baby.