Satin duvet cover - 100x135cm


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Colour/Design Natural Ecru organic cotton


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Satin Duvet Cover

  • Satin is one the finest and softest weaves; satin bedding made from cotton offers great comfort.
  • Our duvet covers are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • The cover’s light color is the natural and original color of the cotton. No dyes have been applied.
  • Available in 5 sizes: 100x135cm – 140x170cm - 160x210cm – 200x210cm – 240x240cm

More Information

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Flap (Duvets cover)
Anti allergy
Zipper or flap closure
Year round
Fabric type
Satin (organic cotton)

Zizzz Duvet Cover

Why choose satin for a duvet cover?

As a general rule, the denser a fabric’s weave, the higher its quality and the more pleasant it feels against your skin.

Satin is a fine, dense weave. It is this quality which makes one of the two sides of the fabric smooth and soft to the touch. Almost silk-like, satin reflects light and gives a gentle sheen, which gives your bed and bedroom an elegant look.

High-quality fabrics

Bedding with a thread count of 60 pro cm² is considered to be high quality. The thread count of our fabrics is 106 pro cm².

As measured in Number English (Ne), a unit used to measure the fineness of a thread (the higher the count, the finer the thread), a high-quality bedding product should have a score of 40 to 80 Ne. We use thread with a fineness of 60 Ne. As such, we haven’t chosen the finest possible, as the thinness of a thread can affect the robustness of the fabric. It was important for us to have a balance between fineness, comfort, softness and durability.

100x135 cm

Customer Reviews

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Review by eKomi
Housse très douce et d'excellente qualité
star star star star star
Review by eKomi
Très bon produit, duvet confortable, chaud et respirant, seul petit bémol, sa taille non standard ne permet pas d'utiliser des housses d'autres vendeurs.

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