Duvets for children

Duvets for children

+ Made with Swisswool, our light and airy duvets are ideal for children.

+ They help regulate body temperature and offer a very comfortable sleeping climate year-round.

+ You can wash our duvets easily with the wool program at 30°.

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Questions about our Kids Duvet

Zizzz children's comforter in size 100x135cm or in size 140x170cm ?

The size 100x135cm is recommended approximately from the 2nd to 3rd year of life, when the child no longer wants to sleep in a sleeping bag.
We recommend a 100x135 cm crib blanket for classic cribs up to a lying surface of 60x120cm or 70x140 cm.
As soon as your sunshine gets his first "big bed", he should also sleep under a comforter in size 140x170 cm.
The Zizzz crib quilts are available here.

Which material is most suitable for children?

As already mentioned, an air-permeable material is extremely important for children. Furthermore, the material should be tested for harmful substances and soft. Natural materials meet these criteria best. That is why all Zizzz children's comforters are filled with pure sheep's wool and natural fibers. On the outside, our children's comforters are covered with organic satin cotton and are particularly soft to the touch. Our children's comforters are cozy and skin-friendly and caress your child's sensitive skin perfectly.
In addition, our comforters are also particularly light and stable. Children can carry their comforter around by themselves and our material is extremely durable. During the day, children's rooms are often used for playing and learning, which is why the comforters should be durable and not too heavy. Our children's comforters can even be washed in the wool program at 30 degrees. In addition, they have not been chemically treated and are resistant to mold. You can use Zizzz comforters all year round and thus also contribute to sustainability.

Why are hypoallergenic comforters especially good for children?

An important aspect to consider in this consideration is whether the children's comforter is hypoallergenic.
Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, "hypoallergenic" and "anti-allergenic" actually have different meanings. "Hypoallergenic" refers to those materials that are produced without synthetic additives or adjuvants and extremely rarely cause allergies in humans, while the term "anti-allergenic" is used in the context of products treated against dust mites.
Our Children's Duvet, like all Zizzz products, is naturally hypoallergenic, so such chemical treatment would be unnecessary. For dust mites, a temperature above 21°C and a humidity level above 70% are optimal. The air permeability as well as the moisture absorption of wool prevent the development of those conditions in which dust mites can thrive. Wool also owes its resistance to bacteria and mold to the above-mentioned properties. For these reasons, it can be said that wool is truly hypoallergenic.
For children, hypoallergenic materials are of particular importance because it is suspected that dust mites are a cause of asthma and bronchitis. This is the larger of our two sizes and is suitable for children from about two to five years old.

Is the children's comforter breathable?

Moisture control is a very important aspect when choosing your children's comforter. Children sweat more at night than adults, as they move more and often have intense dreams, so the comforter should definitely be air-permeable. A breathable comforter provides a dry bed climate and helps your child sleep through the night.
Toddlers in particular cannot yet regulate their temperature on their own, but for a relaxed sleep, the body temperature of 36 to 37 degrees should be kept constant. The more constant the body temperature can be kept, the lower the risk of children catching a cold due to too rapid temperature changes.
Night sweats lead to restless sleep and night sweats can even wake up the child. To ensure that your child's natural sleep rhythm is not disturbed, we have developed our children's comforters at Zizzz in such a way that they allow extra air to pass through in order to prevent heat build-up and sweating.


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