Natural duvets for better sleep

  • Wool duvets with Swisswool: All our wool duvets are filled with 290g / m2 Swisswool. The thickness is light enough for the summer and heavy enough for the winter, making it ideal year-round.
  • Goose down duvets: these down duvets are filled with the finest European goose down on the market. They are DownPass certified so that you can sleep comfortably and with a good conscience. 
  • Duck down duvets: our duck down is also sourced from Eastern Europe and is of very good quality. Also DownPass certified. 
  • Organic cotton cover: our down and wool duvets are covered with a fine organic cotton batiste. 

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  1. Breathable Bio Wool Duvets – Warm for Winter – Swiss Made
    Breathable Bio Wool Duvets – Warm for Winter – Swiss Made
    As low as CHF369.00
  2. Breathable Bio Wool Duvets – Four Seasons – Swiss Made
    Breathable Bio Wool Duvets – Four Seasons – Swiss Made
    As low as CHF319.00
  3. Breathable Bio Wool Duvets – Children Sizes – Light and Airy
    Breathable Bio Wool Duvets – Children Sizes – Light and Airy
    As low as CHF159.00

3 Items

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Which duvet size should I choose?

The variety of duvets for sale on the internet is very wide and many different sizes are available, if for no other reason that every European country has developed its standards for its respective duvet sizes and thickness. Duvet sizes aren’t only specific to the country in which they’re used, but can even vary according to region and are greatly influenced by the country’s climate.

In Switzerland, for example, large and long duvets which are sized 160x210 cm are often preferred. The most-sold size in Austria, on the other hand, is 140x200 cm. Germans typically buy narrow duvets that are 135x200 cm large. Duvets are rarely used in Southern European countries, as people there generally prefer to snuggle between their bedsheets. We at Zizzz widened our product range in the fall of 2019 in order to meet the differing needs of our European customers and to help them get their well-deserved and much-needed rest.

In addition to the country’s climate, the critical factors that determine the length and width of a duvet are the average size of a person in that country and their typical sleeping habits. The larger the person, the bigger a duvet. Swiss men are 1.75 meters on average, Swiss women around 1.65. Researchers expect that the average size of a Swiss person will continue to rise in the coming years. But since these are only averages, many people will need a duvet that is a little larger or smaller. Mattresses that are 90 to 100 cm wide should be accompanied by a duvet that is at least 135 cm wide. If the mattress is 140 cm wide, then the duvet should be wider als 200 cm. Likewise, duvets which are 240 to 260 cm wide are recommended for mattresses that are over 160 cm. If you pull your duvet over shoulders or even above your ears at night, or of you often change your sleeping position, then you might need a duvet which is longer than 200 cm. This is due to the fact that there is a good chance that your feet might not be covered and get cold at night. The traditional size for extra-large duvets in Switzerland is 240 cm by the wider than average 160 cm.

There is a wide variety of duvet sizes available today, especially in online shops. Everybody and every body is different. 210 cm might be too long for averaged-sized women, as the duvet can wander to the bottom of the bed, especially if the bed lacks a footboard. We also offer the 150x200 size with comfortable wool filling and a cover made from soft organic cotton.

Choose your optimal size with Zizzz

Who doesn’t know this feeling? You sleep poorly and ask why. Choosing the right length and width for your duvet might be the culprit. This is why we have many different options available in our product range. Extra-long duvets are still difficult to find in brick and mortar stores and shopping malls, which is why we offer the comfort size of 160x240. If you prefer smaller duvets, we have the 140x200 sized duvet, which you might remember from the trip to Austria. This size is also a good choice for children.

A duvet for everyone

We believe that the right duvet is out there for everyone.

Of course, we also offer double duvets. If you choose a double duvet as a couple, of course you must be willing to compromise. A 200 cm long duvet is too short for many men. The variety of duvets available online continues to increase. We offer duvets in the comfortable size of 200x220 cm, as well as in the classic Swiss size of 200x210 cm. Is your duvet too long? If you’re looking for a shorter double duvet, Zizzz has you taken care of here, too: we also have a 200x200 cm duvet. So that larger people may also sleep comfortably, a sustainably produced 240x240 cm large duvet is included in our product range.

Breathable sleeping bags are ideal for babies and toddlers, due to the fact that the sleeping bag eliminates the risk that the baby pulls the duvet over its head and can’t get enough air. Baby sleeping bags protect babies around the clock and reduce the risk of overheating. Due to this, you and your baby are guaranteed worry-free sleep.