Traceability: know what you sleep with

Swiss Alps

Traceability is honesty

At Zizzz, we promise you that our products are made with 100% natural and sustainable materials. We also promise that they are produced as locally as possible and that no child labor is used in their manufacture. This is why, if you take a quick glance at our products, you’ll find the image displayed above.

What is this? This QR code is actually its own product, which was created by a Swiss company called FairTrace. This patented software solution allows you to see the origin of our Swisswool, which is the primary material used in our baby sleeping bags and duvets, and trace it back to its source.

We attach this QR code to our products to show that you can take us at our word. A quick scan of the code with your SmartPhone allows you to view information regarding every stage of the Swisswool’s production and processing. The QR also contains information on our GOTS-certified organic cotton, though it is not quite as detailed as that of the Swisswool.


With DownPass, ethically-responsible and traceable down

Down isn’t produced in Switzerland, so we opted for the next-best choice in terms of quality and locality, namely Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, this meant that our FairTrace QR code wasn’t an option.

While Eastern Europe isn’t so far from Switzerland, it’s not so close that we can stop by for a visit. As such, we need to turn to a third party to ensure that our down was obtained under conditions that are in line with our principles. Our primary concern was to ensure that our down doesn’t come from force-fed or live-plucked animals, as this is unfortunately a common occurrence in the down industry, especially in countries with laxer standards than in Europe, particularly China.

This is why we turned to the DownPass label. They have a zero tolerance policy regarding geese or ducks which are raised for foie gras or live-plucked. Announced and unannounced visits to our farms are regularly carried out to ensure that these guidelines are adhered to.

In addition, DownPass also certifies that the down in your duvet can be traced back to the farm from which it was sourced, though we unfortunately can’t do so by means of something so simple as the scan of a QR Code.