Premium Goose Down Pillow – 40x60CM – Responsible & Eco-Friendly

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Premium Goose Down Pillow – 40x60cm

  • 30-day free trial: 30-day free trial: The pillow can be returned within 30 days of its receipt for a full refund.
  • Soft and fluffy: The fill power of our down filling is 750 cuin, which is a measurement that indicates very high quality. The down is then covered with a fine and soft organic cotton batiste
  • Only the best down: Our down is sourced from geese in Eastern Europe, which is well-known in the industry for producing high-quality down. To keep themselves warm in the cold weather, the geese grow thicker, more insulating down and feathers
  • Responsible and cruelty-free: Every down product from Zizzz is DownPass certified, which means that the geese from which it is sourced live in humane conditions and that neither live-plucking or force-feeding have been practiced
  • Made in Switzerland: Our duvets and pillows are made in Canton Bern.
  • Fill weight: 440 g.
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Hergestellt in der Schweiz
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Made in Switzerland
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