Four seasons 24-48M 110cm

    Four Seasons Sleeping Bag - 110 cm / 24-48 Months

  • For the first 48 months, it is advisable to use a sleeping bag.
  • 100% natural materials: Swisswool and Cotton
  • Swisswool helps regulate your baby's temperature for a quieter sleep

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Children sleeping bags 4 seasons 110 cm (24-48 M)

Why your child should sleep in a Zizzz sleeping bag

Children move more in their sleep than adults. A child's motor and mental abilities are not only developed during the day, but also at night, which leads to more frequent kicking and tossing and turning. In addition, children toss and turn when they switch from light sleep to deep sleep. These movements can promote muscle development and contribute positively to physical development.

However, the increased movement means that your baby can kick the blanket off at night, become cold, which then wakes him or her up. In the worst case, the blanket can even slip over your baby’s face, making him or her hot and making it more difficult for him or her to breathe. Every child behaves differently when sleeping; some sleep more calmly, some move more and wake up more often.

One thing is certain, however: long and regular sleep phases are extremely important for children, as they promote mental, physical and social development. Children between the ages of two and three need about eleven hours of sleep to start the day rested and to process the events of the previous day.

Do something good for your child with children's sleeping bags

To ensure that your child can sleep undisturbed, we recommend that you use sleeping bags instead of duvets. Our sleeping bags at Zizzz keep your child warm and cannot slip off even when your baby wiggles and moves around.

The children's sleeping bag for children aged 24 to 28 months is 110 cm long and offers enough space for your baby to move his or her legs while sleeping. However, they aren’t so large so that no heat can escape and your child will be cold at night.

In addition to moving around while they sleep, there is another problem: profuse sweating. Children sometimes wake up in the night covered in sweat, which can not only lead to sleep disorders but also cause an unpleasant and cold feeling for your child.

Since children cannot regulate their own body temperature well enough on their own, an appropriate sleeping climate is extremely important. The optimal temperature in the children's room is between 16 and 20 degrees. In colder temperatures, you can dress your child a little warmer.

Safe sleeping bags for children

Sleeping bags can’t be kicked up or off like blankets and remain in one position. This not only helps your child to sleep better, but is also safer, as the danger of overheating and covering up has been eliminated.

In addition, our sleeping bags provide security and warmth and help your child fall asleep faster in his or her own bed.

Our sleeping bags are also equipped with a double zipper, so you don’t have to take the whole sleeping bag off when changing diapers. With our buttons or snap fasteners, you can adjust the sleeping bag to your child's size and you can even use it all year round.

To avoid injuries caused by the zipper, the sleeping bags are equipped with a chin guard and a protective cover. This prevents the risk of scratches or your baby’s skin being irritated.

Sleeping bags made from the finest natural materials

Sustainability and naturalness are particularly important to us, which is why we only use pure and environmentally-friendly materials. The inner lining of our baby sleeping bags is made from Swisswool, which is made from pure, virgin wool from sheep raised in the Swiss Alps. Organic cotton is particularly breathable and permeable to air and moisture.

In addition, our children's sleeping bags are free of harmful substances. Due to their immature immune system, children cannot fend off pollutants as well as adults; children also have sensitive skin. No artificial fertilizers or pesticides were used in the farming of our organic cotton.

Swisswool is also hypoallergenic and only very rarely causes allergies. Normal wool is often treated with chemical pesticides, which can cause skin allergies.

The outer fabric of our baby sleeping bags is made from pure organic cotton, which is particularly long-lasting. Even if they’re worn frequently, they do not tear and can even be washed in the wool cycle of your washing machine.