Summer 6-24M 90cm

    Summer Sleeping Bag - 90 cm / 6-24 Months

  • With our practical double zip, you can change your baby’s nappy without even removing the sleeping bag.
  • Specially designed for hot summer months. Knitted interlock, 100% GOTS-certified cotton.

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Summer sleeping bag baby 90cm -  For a safe sleep in those warm summer nights

Why the right sleeping environment is so important for your baby

Even in summer, it is important to dress your baby appropriately. Since babies and toddlers move more often at night, they also start sweating more quickly. Babies go through more sleep phases than adults do and wake up more often, due to basic needs such as hunger, cold and full diapers.

Despite all of this, sleep is particularly important for a baby's mental and physical development. Babies and toddlers aged 6 to 24 months usually sleep 1 to 5 hours at a time and need up to 14 hours of sleep every day. Each child has a different sleep rhythm; as parents, it is our job to create the right sleeping environment for our little ones.

Excessive sweating can cause a baby to wake up more often during the night, which interrupts the sleeping cycle and phases. If a baby does not get enough sleep, his or her already feeble immune system can be weakened, leaving him or her more vulnerable to illness. In addition, the next day your child is tired and irritable.

How do I create the right sleeping environment for my child?

Many parents know that the supine position is the safest sleeping position for their baby, as babies breathe best on their back. Babies do not need a pillow for the first twelve months and the rule of thumb is: less is more. It is not advisable to use a blanket, especially on warm nights, as heat can build up underneath the blanket and make your baby too hot.

In your baby’s nursery, the temperature should be an average of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. In addition, babies should not be wrapped too thickly or warmly, especially in the summer. As babies also move around in their sleep and develop their motor skills, they often kick and can sweat.

To control your baby's body temperature, you can touch the neck and the area in between the shoulder blades. If your baby is damp or warm there, he or she is dressed too warmly. To make sure that your baby does not wake up due to overheating on warm days, you can use a baby summer sleeping sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are a safe alternative to baby blankets in the nursery because they circulate air well and keep your baby in the right position.

While wearing a sleeping bag, it is very unlikely that your baby will be able to roll over into the dangerous prone position. Sleeping bags are designed to provide enough room to kick but to restrict the baby's movements enough that he or she can’t completely turn or roll over.

A summer sleeping bag also gives a feeling of security, so your baby feels well protected and snug while wrapped up at night. In a baby bed at night, blankets can easily slip or be kicked off. This can cause the baby to become cold and catch a chill. In the absolute worst case, the blanket can even drift over the baby's head, creating a potential risk of heat build-up and SIDS.

As babies are not yet able to regulate their body temperature well, it is extremely important to pay attention to which fabrics their clothing and bedding materials are made of, especially whether they’re breathable for heat and moisture. We at Zizzz have therefore chosen purely natural materials for our baby summer sleeping bags.

90 cm summer sleeping bag made of purely natural materials - why are they better suited for babies than synthetic materials?

Synthetic fabrics are often treated with dangerous chemicals and toxic dyes, which can cause allergies or other skin irritations. Coming into contact with harmful substances can have a negative effect on your baby's health.

To protect your children, we only use purely natural materials. We guarantee that we do not use any toxic chemicals and that our sleeping bags are 100% free of harmful substances. Furthermore, they are hypoallergenic and extremely gentle to your baby’s delicate skin.

Our knitted cotton streamers are made of 100% certified organic cotton and have been awarded the GOTS seal. Cotton is known as a material that can circulate air and absorb moisture very well. Cotton can also prevent the development of bacteria and unpleasant odours.

Cotton is also durable and extremely long-lasting. In summer, cotton cools the skin and is at the same time pleasantly soft and pleasant to the touch. A baby summer sleeping bag made of organic cotton can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celcius.

GOTS label:

In order to be awarded a GOTS seal, cotton products must meet strict environmental and social standards (such as the payment of a minimum wage and regulated working hours) during their manufacture. This concerns not only the farming of the cotton, but also other parts of the supply chain, especially the manufacturing, in order to ensure that the product is sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

The use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and genetic engineering is completely forbidden; we do not use any dangerous chemicals or toxic dyes during the manufacturing process. Our cotton is grown naturally and is biodegradable. It does not pollute the environment and is more durable than synthetic materials.

Baby sleeping bag: Available sizes and colours

Our baby summer sleeping bags for children from 6 to 24 months are available in 5 different designs. They are equipped with a double zipper and can therefore be opened and closed very easily for when you change your baby’s diapers.

In addition, they have a zipper on the back and can therefore also be worn in your baby’s car seat or pram. There are snap or button fasteners at the neck opening, so that you can adjust them perfectly to the size of your baby. Our sleeping bags also have a chin protector to prevent the zipper from snapping your baby’s neck or chin.

Unlike our 4 seasons baby sleeping bags, our summer sleeping bags are made of only one single layer of GOTS-certified organic cotton. A summer sleeping bag for babies aged 6 to 24 months is 90 cm long, but we also have summer sleeping bags for babies aged 0 to 6 months and summer sleeping bags for children aged 24 to 48 months.

Our contribution to sustainability

At Zizzz, we place particular emphasis on sustainability and the longevity of our products. In order to cause as little harm to the environment as possible, we only use pure natural fibres for our products.

Sustainability: A summer sleeping bag is made of certified organic cotton and is therefore biodegradable. We do not use any chemicals in the farming of our wool, so it is completely free of harmful substances. Furthermore, washing our organic cotton does not release any microfiber particles like other synthetic fabrics.

Longevity: Our organic cotton is extremely durable, long-lasting and rarely tears. Our products can be used over a long period of time and thus contribute to sustainability.

Transportation: We also make sure that our transportation routes are as short as possible. This is why our products are manufactured exclusively in Europe. This enables us to reduce CO2 emissions and thereby our ecological footprint.