The right temperature

The right temperature

The baby’s bed shouldn’t be too hot or too cool. Several studies have found a link between high room temperature and sudden infant death. On the one hand, you should not overheat the baby's room, but your little darling should not be cold either. So what is the best temperature for your newborn baby?

A baby's body can not regulate its temperature as well as that of an adult. That’s why it is particularly important to adjust the temperature in your baby’s bedroom perfectly. You can easily determine if your child is sweating by touching the skin on the neck or between the shoulder blades. If your babs’s skin is wet in these places, the room temperature might be too high or you might need to adjust the bedding.

Sleeping bag instead of baby down duvet

When the baby first comes home after birth, the temperature in the bedroom should be a little higher at first, at about 21/22 degrees Celsius. After a few days, you can regulate the temperature down to about 18 degrees Celsius. It’s not necessary to put on a hat. Instead of a down duvet, it is better to use a baby sleeping bag. With a sleeping bag, you can prevent the heat accumulation that is typical for down duvets and there is no risk of the baby accidentally pulling the duvet over its head which would put it at risk for sudden infant crib death. The optimal choice is a sleeping bag made from natural breathable materials.

The sleeping bag shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. As a rule of thumb, it should be 70 cm up to the age of 6 months and 90 cm up to the age of two years. At Zizzz you can get an even bigger size sleeping bag, 110 cm, for children up to the age of four years. In addition, the wool filling makes for breathability, protects from overheating and has a pleasantly soft touch. The zippered opening at the foot end of the sleeping bag is very convenient for changing diapers and helps keep the temperature at a comfortable level during this procedure.

As an ideal place for the baby crib, experts usually recommend the parental bedroom. The humidity is ideally at about 50 to 60%. Airing the room several times a day keeps the air clean. With the right temperature and humidity, you can prevent the nasal mucous membranes of your baby from drying out and help prevent colds.