The Most Important Phase

The Most Important Phase

Deep sleep is the most important phase of human sleep. During this period the biggest amount of growth hormone is released. This is the hormone that causes children to grow, but adults also need it for regeneration.

Slow low-frequency waves can be seen in an EEG when brain activity during deep sleep is examined in a sleep laboratory. Deep sleep is usually dreamless, but there may be phenomena such as sleepwalking and talking in your sleep at this stage. If someone wakes you up during deep sleep, you are disoriented and sleepy. Fitness enthusiasts all over the world are trying to prolong this phase and to deepen it because intense phases of deep sleep are viewed as key to health, beauty, and longevity. A rapid change between different sleep phases and the short deep sleep phases associated with this phenomenon can indicate a depression.


Comfortable climate in Swisswool

Sleep researchers have found that subjective well-being is important for quality sleep and feeling comfortable when you fall asleep causes a particularly deep, restful sleep. Sweating or freezing can disturb a good night's sleep. To avoid sweating or freezing a wool duvet is the optimal choice. The optimal ecological comfortable climate that wool produces cannot be created by any artificial material. Excessive warmth, as well as cold sweat, can be avoided by a slight wool blanket in spring and summer.

Many people are sensitive to sensations on their skin when they sleep. Organic bedding creates a pleasant sensation on your skin and is free from pollutants. Your subjective well-being makes a difference and can lead to deeper, better sleep. Natural cotton fabric feels soft and airy on the skin. Treat yourself to a natural new duvet and sleep more soundly: Sleep green and deep under an ecological duvet.

Another important point to improve deep sleep is a healthy diet. Heavy meals at night can disrupt your sleep and your children’s sleep.