Sleep well in Swisswool

Sleep well in Swisswool

Wool ensures a healthy and pleasant sleeping experience. Counting sheep doesn’t always help with falling asleep. If you or your child sleeps poorly, the reason can be an uncomfortable sleeping environment. A soft fluffy Zizzz duvet filled with wool can gently help you and your baby fall asleep.

Especially for children, it is important that the duvet keeps them really warm. The Hohenstein Institute ( is dedicated to exploring the properties of textiles and has found that people with lower weight need higher temperature insulation since the body's production of heat is lower. A person with 50kg of for example produces only 62 watts of heat, while someone with 110kg has an output of 101 watts of heat. In order to be able to sleep well, both people need the same temperature on their skins. A woolen blanket or duvet can deliver the warmth your child needs.


Children need better temperature regulation

The temperature regulation system is not yet fully developed in a child’s body. So children respond less quickly to changes in environment temperature. Wool is the ideal material for optimal temperature regulation, keeping your child warm or cool as needed. Also, the moisture exchange through the duvet is optimal. Studies show that wool is superior to other textiles in the buffering of moisture, and experience shows that you don’t sweat as much under a woolen blanket. The adaptable material is warm in winter and cool in summer. Our sleeping bags made from sustainably produced Swisswool® create a natural, safe and warm environment for your baby’s sleep.


Getting a good night’s sleep

Even adults who suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders often find that they sleep more peacefully under a wool filled duvet and wake up well rested the next day when the alarm goes off. For children, a healthy, enjoyable and deep sleep is important, as they learn and grow in their sleep. With appropriate bedding and baby sleeping bags, you can support your children’s growth.