Christmas with the baby

Christmas with the baby

Christmas is always a special experience for children. The many lights reflected in the wondering eyes of the little ones create unforgettable memories. How can you make baby’s first Christmas cozy and memorable?

In Advent already, the festive season exudes its characteristic scents and visual impressions. The aroma of cinnamon, pine and frankincense are entirely new delights for babies. Little lights glistening everywhere, candles are burning. In addition to this, many new faces from visiting relatives provide new experiences. How does a small child cope with so many new things?

Kid’s sensory needs

Of course, children always need new challenges that offer their brains sensory stimulation and help them learn. But as with every human being, it may also eventually be too much and lead to sensory overload. It is the responsibility of us as parents to find the right balance. If it is too much, your child can become grumpy or whiny - parents will notice overstimulation quickly.

Christmas walk

The Advent season can be stressful for parents as well. In addition to the perpetual tiredness that often comes with an infant, there is the lack of light in the darkest time of the year. Enjoy every bit of light you can get. If you haven’t already established the routine of a daily walk, now is a good time to start. For example, it can be fun to visit the Christmas market with the baby in the stroller and it offers a lot of new sensory experiences for ever-curious children.

For children, daylight plays a role, too. It’s essential for a good night's sleep and around Christmas natural daylight is a scarce resource. Wrapped in warm and soft wool, the baby in the cozy sleeping bag will not be cold during a walk in the snow and cold weather. In addition, the fresh air also makes children tired, so the hyped up kids can sleep better.

Tradition and customs

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to go to church with the baby on Christmas Eve. The sounds and smells during mass can evoke memories of the baptism in your offspring – if your baby was uncomfortable during that occasion, it might be better to stay at home. Christians, however, are generally very family friendly and no one will hold it against you nowadays if a baby makes noise during the Christmas Mass.

Visiting relatives

Some young families still go to stay with the grandparents for Christmas. The new surroundings may be very appealing for the child. But if each and every member of the extended family also would like to hold the new baby at the Christmas party, it can become too much for some babies, while others will smile at every new face they meet. You know your child best and probably know what is best for them. If it’s starting to get too much, a short break is in order – retreat for a little nap or provide security and calm with a quiet story or a song. Things the baby already knows can provide comfort. For instance, bringing a soft and cozy doudou is very helpful.